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PrimeSite Web Solutions stands for:

Efficiency: we have always believed that our main service to our clients is to give them the most cost effective tools that help them run a successful business, be it maintaining their own website without additional fees, creating a custom web-based system that allows them to automate sectors of their business process, or simply getting the absolute best value for their money.

Range: over the years our main focus has become web design and development, but we still offer great value in graphic design and video/audio post-production. We still consider ourselves a complete multimedia firm and would love to talk to you about how we can help you with your next project.

Quality: when you utilize PrimeSite Web Solutions, you’ll get top quality production at a below-market price in a "one-stop-shop". We truly are your source for cost effective web and media production!

Our target client is a small business from 1 to 100 employees looking for web design, web development, multimedia and video production, audio and music production and CD/DVD/USB duplication.

Here are a couple of important reasons you should choose PrimeSite Web Solutions:

We believe in providing specific solutions to specific needs, rather than selling something for the sake of the sale.

Our philosophy has always been that keeping our own operating costs as low as possible will allow us to keep our prices much lower than our competition. This philosophy has worked for us since 2001.

We are here for you. When you call or email us you are actually talking to one of the people who are working on your project and can answer your questions.

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